Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fat Loss 4 Idiots--The Best Weight Loss Strategies You Need To Know Now

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan is the top approach to losing weight effectively.

This "do-it-yourself" online diet claims to help you lose 9 lbs. every 11 days through a weight loss method called calorie shifting. An 11 day menu generator provides the user with a diverse selection of food (4 meals each day), which includes fruit, vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots software creates a new menu every 11 days and you can easily choose the types of food you enjoy. At the end of each 11 day cycle, you are able to enjoy 3 full days of eating anything you want (just don't go overboard). This gives you strength to resume the diet for another 11 days and so forth until you reach your desired weight.

Now, don't be surprised if you do not lose exactly 9 lbs. every 11 days; most of the time people lose 6-9 lbs. You should view Fat Loss 4 Idiots as a success for any amount of weight you lose.

Some basic tips for getting the best results with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots approach:
  • Only weigh yourself at the end of the 11 day cycle.

  • Don't skip the 3 days of "cheating".

  • Always prepare your own food.

  • NEVER skip any meals. This is the only way Fat Loss 4 Idiots will work.

  • Although you don't need to exercise with this weight loss program, it will be much more effective if you incorporate some fast-paced walking.

With these basic steps, you'll maximize your chances of losing the 9 lbs. every 11 days. To learn more about Fat Loss 4 Idiots and how Calorie Shifting is the best way to lose weight, click here.

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